Why Us

Our past sellers have told us that they came to Build Collective and BC Buys because of our reputation, track record and we're local! Our office is located in the heart of Montgomery so we can quickly be to a seller's home. But, most importantly, we make the process VERY easy on you as a Seller by exposing your property to dozens of potential buyers without all of the hassle that goes with a traditional listing. We've all heard that selling a home is one of the most stressful processes you can go through so we created BC Buys to eliminate that specifically for as-is homes!

Sell fast with no hassles!

SO...we are offering certain Sellers an option to skip the preparation, inspection and stress part and go the short route! We do that by allowing buyers the ability to sell quickly with no inspections and cash closings. But the real key is that we're real people!

Our Team

That's the true value of BC Buys. Our team is invested in your community, literally. Even though you're finding us on a webpage, you can find us located right down in the heart of Montgomery. We do business in a select number of areas to best manage the process for you, as a Seller, and know each area like the back of our hands.

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