How We Sell

BC Buys is designed to make selling your house as easy and simple as possible. We do this by leveraging our pool of investors, builders, and buyers to bring offers to you as quickly as possible. This is different from a traditional sale because you don't have to go through the listing process.

Here's just a few ways we can make
the process easy on you!

Often Cash
Market Value

Traditional Sell

As a team of real estate agents, our BC Buys program is not always right for everyone. If BC Buys isn't right for you and the traditional listing and sales route is better for your property, we do that as well! Our traditional sale and listing process utilizes MLS and our brokerage Coldwell Banker West Sheell to expose your home to the masses along with customize marketing plans! Homes that have been updated or are in good shape to live in as they stand typically flourish on this traditional route. The preparation process might require a bit more effort, but we're here to help. Our team realtors at Build Collective of Coldwell Banker West Shell can assist you with the entire process to make sure your home is prepared, marketed and sold the right way. Either way, we're happy to give you our opinion to see what's best for you!

If you'd like to discuss listing and selling your home, feel free to visit
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